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Bone Inlay Commode 7 Drawer Chevron Black

Beautiful design compliments bountiful storage with our wooden bone inlay commode in Chevron Design. Seven drawer design crafted with camel bone and resin in a classic chevron pattern, exclusive to Traditional art and crafts .


The art of inlay is specific to jodhpurs . Here this meticulous skill is passed over from generation to generation.

This stunning black bone inlay chevron zigzag chest of drawer in  pattern is adorned with intricately hand-cut, inlaid MOP. Each of these exclusive pieces is slightly different and the result of many weeks of craftsmanship. Designs vary slightly.

Three craftsmen are employed to make a piece of Inlay furniture.

– The first hand-carves pieces of camel bone into delicate shapes;

– The second affixes those pieces onto a wooden furniture frame in intricate patterns.

– The third fills in around the bone with the colored resin background.

To create a piece of furniture, the process takes about 3 weeks.

Our skilled artisans in Jodhpurs at our workshop handcraft all these pieces.